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semidormant - an alternative production music library

A vast collection of somnolent musical textures and unique sonic artefacts created as an alternative to commercial production music.  Nothing here is polished to a high commercial sheen, it remains rough hewn.  A functional resource for film makers & content creators from any arts discipline. The styles range dramatically from deep rumbling drones to haunting bells and everything in between – always with a darkly hypnotic edge


Click on any track title (line of poem) it will play in the sticky player at the bottom of the screen
You can view the entire poem on slide 5 and click the avatar face to hear the poem read out while you browse

Narrow down your search using the FILTER parameters in the nav bar – STYLE and INSTRUMENTS

Audio tracks are stereo WAV and MP3 files
Download links available after checkout

Collections:  $50.00 AUD
Single tracks:  $2.00 AUD


licenses can be purchased for use in any project. film, television, theatre, online content, video games etc.
**license rates will be estimated by following the current apra 2023 production music rates.
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The licensee may remix / edit the work in any creative way they like, with the explicit exception of using the work in any defamatory, misleading, abusive or illegal manner whatsoever.
The non-exclusive synchronisation license agreement will include the use of both the required publishing copyright (song-writing copyright) and master recording copyright (actual recording)


Music composed by Eden Mulholland. Website design and imagery content made by Eden Mulholland. Derelict spaceship and alien dream images generated by AI.  Poem written by Isabel Waiti-Mulholland. All music © 2022 Published by Mushroom Music